The range of storage cylinders and tanks is completed by a vast series of accessories, electronic temperature control units for the management of solar heating systems, single and double solar heating circulating pumps, complete expansion vessels, recirculation systems, anodes, probe sheaths and electric immersion heaters for heat integration.

  • UNIVERSAL UP TO 5-WAY ELECTRONIC STATION for solar and boiler plant (fluctuation’s margin +/- 1°C).

    SINGLE SOLAR UNIT: Adjustable capacity system suitable for forced circulation solar circuits.

    DOUBLE SOLAR UNIT: Adjustable capacity system with integral degaser, suitable for forced circulation solar circuits..

    INTEGRATED EXPANSION VESSEL, complete with extensible hose stirrup.  

    ANODE fremdstrom, magnesium, with tester.

    RE-CIRCULATION SYSTEM for Total boiler.

  • SHEATH FOR FEELER G1 in copper with SMALVER treatment.

    SHEATH FOR FEELER G2 double in nickeled copper.  

    IMMERSION ELECTRIC RESISTANCE in stainless steel with electrical separation, external thermostat and integrated…

    FOOT FOR REGULATION TANK from 150÷600 lt (3 pieces).

    EXTRACTABLE HEAT-EXCHANGER KIT, complete with bored flange, copper heat exchanger, upper cap for flange and nuts and…